Kick off machine learning projects in under an hour without code.

Watch the video to learn how you can stand up AI/ML projects and start automating your digital media management workflows with the Boon AI platform. 

Pre-trained Machine Learning APIs from Multiple Vendors
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The Boon AI Platform Functionalities

Data Ingestion

Data Prep & Ingest

Transcode raw images and videos to vendor-ready format at scale.

API Access

Multi-vendor APIs

Mix and match ML features from multiple vendors, compare results.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Search and view the metadata in JSON and human-readable format.

Custom Label Support

Custom Label Support

Train a model to detect labels not supported by the pre-trained APIs.

Vendor Orchestration

Time-Based Metadata

Quickly pinpoint when the tagged label appears in a video.

Flexible Development

Flexible Development

Integrate the metadata into your DAM/MAM with Python and REST APIs.

The AI/ML adoption challenge

Machine learning is hard, even when using off-the-shelf models or APIs. 87% of data science projects fail because AI and ML are expensive, unpredictable, and require org-wide support to succeed.

Boon AI makes ML accessible for developers and product managers through a GUI-driven workflow. We designed the product to compress 12 months of development time down to a day or an hour, because we believe in enabling rapid cycle innovations. 


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Why no-code ML?

Boon AI’s GUI acts as a single pane of glass for accessing a catalog of ML from multiple vendors. You can integrate ML into your apps, evaluate vendors, or run automations with little or no code.

An ecosystem of ML APIs

We provide point-and-click access to dozens of advanced ML APIs including:

   ●  Label, logo, face detection
   ●  Text detection, OCR
   ●  Speech transcription
   ●  Apparel, wedding detection
   ●  NSFW detection


Learn how to run ML analysis in under an hour.